I’m currently a third-year Ph.D student at Harvard University studying empirical financial economics and applied econometrics. I’m doing my Ph.D in Business Economics, a joint program which combines the Harvard Economics Department’s Ph.D in Economics with the resources and support of Harvard Business School.

My research interests center around empirical financial economics and applied machine learning.

Before coming to Harvard I was a Business Analyst at McKinsey & Company, where I helped companies and governments solve strategic and operational problems. Before that I was an undergrad at Columbia University where I double-majored in Mathematics-Statistics and Economics. While at Columbia, I worked with Serena Ng on analyzing macro trends in “big” retail purchasing data, wrote a senior thesis on the behavioral finance of Bitcoin advised by José Scheinkman, and did some internships in finance/tech.

I plan on using this space to cover (what I think are) interesting facets of my research and academic work. If you’d like to chat feel free to drop me an email at rishab_guha@g.harvard.edu